STAGES Doughnut Workshop
STAGES Doughnut Workshop
A free tool to drive sustainable change in your theatre

The STAGES - Sustainable Theatre Alliance for a Green Environmental Shift project, a major experiment in theatre and sustainability, has just released a new sustainable theatre tool: The STAGES Doughnut Workshop.

Over the course of 10-12 participatory workshops, the STAGES Doughnut Workshop guides a theatre's entire staff to dream up sustainable solutions - and then implement them - on topics such as local biodiversity, energy use, staff wellbeing, and diversity and accessibility. It is based on 'Doughnut Economics', the innovative approach to sustainability that combines both environmental and social concerns. 

The Workshop has so far been used to drive sustainable change in the 12 high-profile theatres that make up the STAGES project. Examples of change include:

  • A commitment to repairing rather than replacing materials in the theatre, even when replacing is cheaper
  • Purchasing heat pumps that use renewable technologies
  • Expanding the magnetic system for hearing impaired people
  • Implementing a staff massage service and sessions to craft a theatre beer to improve wellbeing.

The STAGES Doughnut Workshop was devised by STAGES partner Theatre Vidy-Lausanne, in collaboration with the Competence Centre for Sustainability at the University of Lausanne.

Any theatre can download and use the tool providing certain terms and conditions are met. By entering a few simple details in the link below you will be given access to the STAGES Doughnut Protocol microsite where all the relevant documents can be downloaded and used.

STAGES is co-funded by the European Union.