what have STAGES partners learned?
what have STAGES partners learned?
  • Theatre de Liège, 2-14 May 2022

    "Tomber du Monde", with CAMILLE PANZA / ERSATZ

    During this 12-day residency, the artistic team of Tomber du Monde has developed their
    play writing, worked on the choral dimension of their project and tested their
    choreographic, textual and sound intentions on stage. They also thought about how to
    build a set and costumes that were as environmentally friendly as possible, reusing as many materials as possible.

  • Theatre de Liège, 18 - 21 April 2023

    "The invisible is not not existent", with VENEDIG MEER

    "The Venedig Meer company is collaborating with engineers from SAFRAN to develop an innovative prototype that illuminates the
    performance using only the force of gravity. This initiative aims to make visible not only
    the massive amount of energy required to light a theater but also to explore new
    environmentally friendly methods of production."

  • Lithunian National Drama Theatre, 1st August - 31st December 2023

    "Ataka Fungus", with PAULIUS MARKEVIČIUS

    The main character of the installation Attack Fungus is a mushroom that has grown and is growing in the LNDT, in a suspended dialogue with inorganic substances created by recycling waste materials specially selected for this research. It is a living, growing, changing, and
    disappearing spatial work.

  • Dramaten, 6th August - 14th September 2023

    "The First Bum", with AMANDA APETREA and LISEN ROSELL

    "Our aim during the process was to find out more about the evolution of the bum – specifically the anus."

  • Piccolo Teatro Di Milano, 04 - 15 September 2023

    "VajontS 23", with MICHELE DELL’UTRI

    "On the day of the sixtieth anniversary of the tragedy of Vajont (9 October 1963), Piccolo has come together with the Committee to
    promote La Fabbrica del Mondo and other cultural and civil institutions from all over Italy for a large-scale collective memorial in the form of an account, to evoke the past by looking to the future, to the water crisis, and to the policies and individual behaviour that need to be adopted now in order to prevent the disastrous reduction in the availability of drinking water."

  • Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, 7 - 20 November 2023

    "Meantime, Between Failures", with The Arbajt Kolektiv

    An exploration of the sustainability of the independent scene in Croatia, in the context of the National Theate, through preparations for a 11.5 hour duarational performance.

  • Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, 13-19 November 2023

    "Natural evacuation", With ALEKSANDRA STOJAKOVIĆ
    OLENJUK (1987) and Nataša Antulov

    "When an actress is told to act 'naturally' or 'movie-like', that instruction has
    no connection to her bacteria that are equally
    original and authentic as the actor's character...We experimented with different forms such as video art and live performance to have a better understanding of how we can produce natural behavior in an unnatural context such as theatre representation."
  • Trafó, June 2023: From Conscious Consumption to Eco-Innovation

    An attempt to fabricate a big mindmap on the following themes: climate awareness, sustainability, greenwashing, conscious consumption, intellectualcapital, stewardship, care and self-care, sense of responsibility, ecological footprint, climateanxiety, ecological grief, guilt, exploitation, compromise, aesthetics, future, science, art,capitalist logic, social norms, money, globalisation, nature, technology, best practices ofsustainability, activism, education, self-restraint, pollution, waste, patriarchy, human centredworldview, urbanisation, eco-efficiency, environmental protection, biodiversity, waste, greenenergy, water management, corporate social responsibility, eco-innovation, food autonomy,animal welfare, needs, commons...

  • Trafó, April 2023: Ecofeminist World Café

    Organized in the garden of Szeszgyár, a Queer ecofeminist community park and nature preserve in Budapest, the artists and scientists dialogued about the environment and environmentalism

  • Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, 9-23 March 2023

    "Theatre, Place and Ubiquity"

    Workshopping the fallacy of digital as a 'green' alternative, and imagining and projecting a prototype piece that is produced, performed and disseminated through eco-conscious working models

  • Theatre de Liège, 9 February 2023

    Lighting a Show with Gravity

    The artistic team of the Venedig Meercompany involved in the preparation of the show "L'Invisible n'est pas inexistant"(The invisible is not non-existent) and engineers from SAFRAN, a company specialising in aeronautics, experimented to find the best gravity-based device to produce enough energy to light the show, without using electricity. This prototype will then be made available asopen source and can be exploited by others.

  • Piccolo Teatro di Milano, 20-22 December 2022
    "Earth/Soil/Land…: with the Feet
    (and the Hands) on the Ground"

    Is soil the perfect metaphor for theatre? What can a strong understanding of the ground we stand on, and only think about superficially, do for theatre?