what have STAGES partners learned?
what have STAGES partners learned?
  • Trafó, June 2023: From Conscious Consumption to Eco-Innovation

    An attempt to fabricate a big mindmap on the following themes: climate awareness, sustainability, greenwashing, conscious consumption, intellectualcapital, stewardship, care and self-care, sense of responsibility, ecological footprint, climateanxiety, ecological grief, guilt, exploitation, compromise, aesthetics, future, science, art,capitalist logic, social norms, money, globalisation, nature, technology, best practices ofsustainability, activism, education, self-restraint, pollution, waste, patriarchy, human centredworldview, urbanisation, eco-efficiency, environmental protection, biodiversity, waste, greenenergy, water management, corporate social responsibility, eco-innovation, food autonomy,animal welfare, needs, commons...
  • Trafó, April 2023: Ecofeminist World Café

    Organized in the garden of Szeszgyár, a Queer ecofeminist community park and nature preserve in Budapest, the artists and scientists dialogued about the environment and environmentalism
  • Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, March 2023: Theatre, Place and Ubiquity
    Workshopping the fallacy of digital as a 'green' alternative, and imagining and projecting a prototype piece that is produced, performed and disseminated through eco-conscious working models
  • Liège, 9 Feb 2023: Lighting a Show with Gravity

    The artistic team of the Venedig Meercompany involved in the preparation of the show "L'Invisible n'est pas inexistant"(The invisible is not non-existent) and engineers from SAFRAN, a company specialising in aeronautics, experimented to find the best gravity-based device to produce enough energy to light the show, without using electricity. This prototype will then be made available asopen source and can be exploited by others.
  • Piccolo Teatro di Milano, 20-22 December 2022. Earth/Soil/Land..

    Is soil the perfect metaphor for theatre? What can a strong understanding of the ground we stand on, and only think about superficially, do for theatre?